About Us


Music is very powerful at conveying emotion and once created, it lives on forever. Our solution of personalised music offerings mean that any music for occasions of high sentimental value exactly hit the spot, giving you something personal and meaningful for your event -  a small investment for something that will help make an important moment more memorable and unique.

We deliver thoughtful & high quality recorded music solutions that cannot be bought off-the-shelf, but that are created with you and your story in mind.


At SZMusicMatters, Suz uses her versatile vocal talent (20 + years of pop, rock, blues, jazz, country, musical theatre experience) and musical creativity skills to offer a recorded music service of customised cover songs or wholly original songs written specifically for your special occasions – to include weddings, engagements, anniversaries, funerals, baby showers etc.


You can expect from start to finish a professional and positive approach, from close consultation with your needs, including all the production and creative service, through to final delivery of your track.


Why do this?

     A tailored song recording allows:


  • The marking of an event in a unique, creative way that really relates to the individuals, enhancing your experience

  • It is a long-lasting way of commemorating a special event as music audio exists in perpetuity

  • It makes for a unique and special gift